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 OffTheGrid Consultancy



With a background in operations, strategy, business development & financial control in the Private Equity, Investment Banking & Property Sectors, I had to leave a permanent role due to a diagnosis of ME/CFS, where it became impossible to commute to work. There was an immediate need to manage my health, conserve my energy and work from home, yet secure a sustainable income, and be able to work remotely to support my health.


Having ventured into the global freelance job market, I created my brand offering, researched my target audience, networked remotely and secured a portfolio of clients and through this, it was evident there was a need to support others in similar situations.


It is time to address the challenge of the 50 plus workforce, who are dealing with health challenges/hidden disabilities, the menopause, redundancy, ageism, the challenge of caring for ageing parents and the need for a better work/life balance.

Create the life you want !


OffTheGrid Consultancy will coach you to:

‣ Understand the global freelance market and learn how to be adaptable and successful on the global stage


Recognise where to find opportunities and the tactics needed to cultivate a portfolio career that works long term


Discover how to combine self-employment – into part-time, freelance and temporary jobs to create a sustainable work/life balance


Acquire the knowledge to create an engaging freelance profile and appreciate how to use it to network successfully -  both face to face and globally


Gain unique knowledge on how to build your brand and learn how to add value to your portfolio by promoting your skills toolkit


Appreciate and learn the best new technology available and learn how to future proof your skills and enhance you offering


Acquire practical help to identify your key skills, USP, brand and individual portfolio plan and how to leverage these to deliver a consistent income stream

Understand how to foster and nurture your network successfully and the best networking groups to consistently contribute to

Recognise the most successful social media platforms to engage with and the current trends to boost your brand and engage your audience

Acquire a financial toolkit to support your portfolio career and learn how to choose your correct market rate - so that you are competitive in the marketplace

For a free ‘30 minute’ introduction and initial chat:


M: +44(0)7958 416472

OffTheGrid Consultancy - Coaching the over 50's to a sustainable remote Portfolio Career !

OffTheGrid Consultancy was borne from my own experience of 25 years in the Corporate world.

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